Learn about different anxiety disorders and how to notice signs in your body and mind that you’re experiencing anxiety. Find out how anxiety can affect you physically.


A practical approach to freeing yourself from anxiety

Anxiety can be debilitating & extremely frightening. You may feel that there is little you can do for relief, that your symptoms control you and that you’re caught in a perpetual cycle battling against anxious thoughts and feelings, whilst trying to function and put a brave face on it all. For some, you’ve tried other anxiety therapy but found they were only partly helpful or a Band-Aid solution as they work in a conscious, analytical way, hoping that willpower alone will help you control it. Yet you know it is your unconscious mind that is running the show and needs changing, so it’s been an uphill battle with limited success!

For others, you may have been offered medication, but would rather not be on it and want to find a permanent way to reduce and control your anxiety without the need to pharmacologically control your symptoms.

Self-help anxiety disorder.

There are also many things you can do yourself to help reduce your anxiety, such as:

  • going on a self-help course
  • exercising regularly
  • cutting down on the amount of alcohol and caffeine you drink