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Online Therapy Benefits

What is Online Counselling or Therapy? Online counselling gives you the opportunity to speak to a therapist, counsellor or analyst online, without having to meet them face to face. Also known as internet counselling, e-counselling, web therapy or remote therapy, this...

Useful Mental Health Apps

Top Mental Health Apps: An Effective Alternative for When You Can’t Afford Therapy? Here are the best mental health apps for 2020 and experts weigh in about just how effective they are as an alternative treatment for depression, anxiety, addiction, bipolar disorder...

Havening Techniques – Psychosensory Therapy

Havening Therapy - Psychosensory Therapy What is Havening and How does it work?  As experienced therapists, life coaches and trainers, we can share with you this radical breakthrough therapy of Self-Havening techniques from the States. Havening therapy is an...

Havening Technique – Healing Through Neuroscience

  New cutting-edge therapy for Stress, Anxiety, Trauma and so much more… What is Havening? ‘Havening’ (officially known as The Havening Techniques™) is a scientifically based way of helping people deal with past events and incidents that were traumatic or exceedingly...

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Booking an appointment is easy, here is how it works! Book your consultation with us online. Receive a confirmation email with a link to your video call. On the selected date and time, follow the link to start your consultation. Select & Book Online Integrated...

Find out more about Havening Technques

The Havening Techniques system is comprised of protocols and methods that rely on the electrochemical makeup of our body to create healing. It is an efficient and effective tool for healing emotional disturbances, PTSD, complex trauma, phobias, chronic pain, panic disorder, and anxiety. Come learn how to enhance your practice with Better Healing with Neuroscience!

10 Tips to help if you are still worried about Coronavirus

10 tips to help if you are worried about coronavirus The impact that the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is still having on our lives may cause us to feel anxious, stressed, worried, sad, bored, lonely or frustrated. Everyone feels different sometimes. It's important...

Dropping the anchor

Dropping Anchor: A Script

In the ideal scenario, before starting this exercise, you’ve asked the client what she’s experiencing and
she’s been able to tell you what thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories are showing up; this means
you can refer to them specifically.

Outdoor Adventure Therapy

Since 2001, the Association for Experiential Education’s Therapeutic Adventure Professional Group(TAPG) has been striving to promote standard practices for adventure therapists.

Self Havening Techniques

The latest fast therapy is called “Havening” originally created by Dr. Ronald A. Ruden and his twin brother Dr. Steven Ruden, this therapy creates lasting change in minimal sessions, with clients often being cured in one session.

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