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Blogging allows us to share our therapy and training experience with thousands of people, giving back to the community and providing hope and healing to those in need. In our experience, it’s deeply satisfying to hear from readers who are grateful for our blog posts and feel understood and hopeful as a result. Follow us on Social Media…

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Self Havening Techniques

The latest fast therapy is called “Havening” originally created by Dr. Ronald A. Ruden and his twin brother Dr. Steven Ruden, this therapy creates lasting change in minimal sessions, with clients often being cured in one session.

Does Havening actually work?

Does Havening work? Simply put, yes! It has published evidence with PTSD war veterans and thousands of case studies collated over the years.

Do you need Therapy?

“A therapist serves as an authentic, genuine, empathic individual who is unbiased, supportive, and, can provide objective, nonjudgemental guidance, assisting clients with desired changes as well as achieving their maximum self.”

Stop Binge eating for good

Binge eating isn’t about food; it’s about emotions. People deal with their emotions in all kinds of ways. If you’re at the end of your tether, you might do drugs, you might drink.

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