MindWorks Client/Therapist Agreement

As experienced Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapists, we offer a non-judgemental approach and facilitate a safe environment for you to explore your feelings and issues. We work within the Ethical Framework of the Association for Contextual Behavioural Science (ACBS) and work within the limits of our training and experience but should it become apparent that we are not able to do this we will discuss the possibility of a referral to a more suitable service.

The service we offer is highly confidential with the exceptions of; if you disclose to us significant harm to self or others or a child at risk of harm. We will discuss these issues with you first if possible before contacting the relevant agencies. Terrorist activity or the trafficking of illegal drugs are also exceptions to any confidentiality and will be reported without discussion.

We may hold personal information in electronic databases, such as our client relationship management system WriteUpp and personal files in locked, security alarm and CCTV covered premises. We take all reasonable steps to keep any personal information we hold about you secure. All sessions will be held using a secured online internet platform under the following terms and conditions:

  • To connect with both video and audio, unless other arrangements are made on the occasion.
  • To arrange for a quiet room with full privacy and no interruptions.
  • This includes no phone calls, emails or texting during the entire session.
  • To stay focused at the meeting.
  • To connect from the same place each session, unless you are away and notify us of the change.

The fee for our sessions as agreed are  £25 (Cancellations require 24 hours’ notice) Thank you for hiring us.

All the Best

Ian & Lesley Disley 

Mobile: 07510 092 075

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GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is the most significant piece of privacy and data protection in twenty years.  We are required to ensure that we give new data protection and privacy consent from all our clients. In it (amongst other things) we confirm what information we hold about you and how we are permitted to use it. Once you have signed this agreement you are giving us consent to hold on to your personal data. 


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