Simply put, yes! It has published evidence with PTSD war veterans and thousands of case studies collated over the years.

Personally speaking, the feedback and results I have witnessed first-hand are remarkable and continue to surprise me and my clients!

I have a medical background so am naturally cautious and somewhat sceptical of new therapies and claims, but its effectiveness speaks for itself. Internationally, there are now tens of thousands of case studies proving its results and worthiness as a rapid and innovative form of therapy.

Being passionate about only using what works, I can speak from first-hand experience having successfully treated a number of cravings, urges and feelings of anger towards another. Now I’m able to relax and feel in control of my body emotions and feelings for the first time in about 20 years.

Life comes up with many reality slaps, now if something pops up where I noticed my reaction is way above and beyond what the situation warrants, it’s a sign of something in my past which I can now self-haven quickly and easily, eradicating all sorts of minor and more major issues that have had a surprising impact until this day.

My experience and that of others is it is the ultimate self-treatment tool and can be taught to anyone.