New cutting-edge therapy for Stress, Anxiety, Trauma and so much more…

What is Havening?

‘Havening’ (officially known as The Havening Techniques™) is a scientifically based way of helping people deal with past events and incidents that were traumatic or exceedingly stressful, and are still causing problems today. 

It uses a combination of talking, visualisation, eye movements and therapeutic touch to change the way the brain stores memories of difficult events. What it can do is de-link the painful emotions from a traumatic or uncomfortable memory. This type of memory is often referred to as an emotional memory. This means you can still remember the event, but the memory will no longer have a negative emotional impact.

It’s a safe and effective way of healing emotional difficulties caused by stressful or traumatic events that have become ‘hard-wired’ into your brain. When traumas get stuck (synaptically encoded) in the brain like this, it can cause long term difficulties like anxiety, depression or mental stress that can’t be ‘talked away’ or ‘reasoned out of’.

What can Havening help with?

Havening is a new technique, and therapists are only at the beginning of finding out what it can do for clients and their problems. It appears to help with almost any problem, block or trauma. 

Some examples are…

  • Past traumatic or stressful events that are still intruding into your thoughts and feelings today. An extreme example would be PTSD.
  • Intrusive thoughts, feelings, body sensations or pains that seem to have no rational explanation, and don’t seem to be connected to a memory of a previous related event. Examples include panic attacks or anxiety attacks.
  • Emotional challenges such as depression, chronic stress or severe self-esteem issues which have not responded fully to conventional talking therapies. After therapy you may have had relief, or partial relief for a while, but the underlying issue keeps coming back.
  • Irrational fears and phobias, for example spiders, crowds, etc.
  • Lack of confidence, self-esteem, focus and low-mood.


Could Havening help you?

The short answer is – we don’t know until we give it a go. For many conditions Havening is proving to be highly effective. Even though tens of thousands of people have received Havening therapy worldwide to date, it is still a new discipline. If you think that you might benefit from Havening, then call Ian on 07510 092075. If after a brief conversation it looks like Havening could be right for you, we can arrange a formal appointment and start the Havening process.