Havening Techniques are excellent for de-traumatising Trauma, Shock, Phobias, Deep Fears – far quicker than previously imaginable.

The latest fast therapy is called “Havening” originally created by Dr. Ronald A. Ruden and his twin brother Dr. Steven Ruden, this therapy creates lasting change in minimal sessions, with clients often being cured in one session.

Embedded Trauma

Havening works well with PTSD and Phobias. A traumatic event will often become embedded in the subconscious. As you remember this traumatic event, you will often see the traumatic event in your minds eye, from the perspective of your own eyes – imagining being back in the traumatic environment, this associated state allows you to relive the same emotions that you felt when the traumatic event first took place; anxiety, fear, helplessness, etc

The Havening methods

These are delivered in the form of applying touch therapy to your arms, hands and cheeks can be carried out by the practitioner, yourself or people close to you. This therapeutic touch sets off what can be most easily described as a natural but increased electro chemical chain reaction in your body.

It produces much higher levels of natural hormone we have in our body such as serotonin as well as sending a brain into a similar state of electrical activity as it goes into when we are asleep. This has a calming effect within your brain, gives you a sense that you are safe, whilst the particular chemicals get to work on changing the way that traumas are stored in your memory and effectively de-linking the emotional content of those traumatic memories with the rest of the experience. This leaves you with some form of the memory but without the unwanted or extreme emotional responses.

This therapy particularly affects and works on the amygdala in your brain, otherwise known as your threat detector which is responsible for fight or flight. It, therefore, works brilliantly with anxiety, fears and phobias, panic and other emotions that are driven by this part of the brain.

Additionally, the calming effects that were explained above means that it also encourages the brain and asked to be able to freely associate and undercover and release other connected negative emotions or experiences we have had.

If you want a better understanding of how it works, watch and easy, fun and informative video about it right here.

But it’s not just for the more negative issues! The state is induced can be similar to being mild and gentle hypnosis whilst totally conscious of what is going on in the room and being in complete control. Some even prefer to deal with their eyes open! Regardless, what this enables is a way to deeply focus on what you want or how you want to be or feel, and this can be put to great use by focusing on creating this for yourself and giving yourself and your unconscious mind suggestions or installing directions, just as you would receive in hypnotherapy. The beauty is this is initiated and guided by you, with your practitioner there to support, guide and lead as you wish.