Acceptance & Commitment Therapy  helps find your zen

Zen is a word often spoken about, but what does it really mean to find your zen and how do you even do that? Finding your zen simply means slowing down and find peace. It’s about being centered at your core, mentally with your soul. It allows you to find power and peace within your body amidst transitions and nervousness. As an active peace state and inner clarity, zen is a great way to help your body and mind. Here are some easy ways to give you some moments of zen.

Try square breathing

Square breathing is a type of breathing exercise. It’s a very simple exercise, but its powers are very impressive. It all focuses around the count of 8. Inhale very slowly for a count of 8. Then, hold your breath in for a count of 8. Exhale very slowly for a count of 8, and then hold your breath out for a count of 8. Repeat this breathing style a few times and you’ll start to find your body starts to relax and you’re only focusing on your breathing.

Five minutes of meditation

Achieving zen isn’t a process that’ll take you hours to achieve. You can find moments of peace in just five minutes. A few minutes of meditation everyday can be life-changing. This is known as dhyana. All you need to do is sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and take deep breaths through your nose. Think of nothing else and allow this to be your focus.

Wake up early

There is a gentle peacefulness in the early morning. Morning hours are often the quietest and can really set up your day. It’s the perfect time to find solace and zen. In fact, many people wake up before dawn to focus on their breathing or meditating.

Take a cold shower

A cold shower may not sound like the most inviting idea, however, it can actually make you feel much better. This isn’t something to rush. Start with the cold water at your feet and slowly allow it to reach higher on your body. These refreshing sensations can seriously help you to find your zen.

Visual imagery

Visual imagery is a form of meditation. To practice this, you will need to imagine specific images in your mind that have a calming effect. These images can be anything, but often nature is a great place to start. These images will reduce any feelings of negativity that your body is possessing. It can also improve your physical wellbeing by reducing blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle tension. This physiological response causes you to find your zen.