Ever wondered what exactly is Faster EFT, what are Meridian points, how on earth tapping or Havening on your body can create change? Ever wondered what Havening is or how tapping and Havening work? The video above explains why and how these therapeutic tools can be so effective:

Tapping is a form of touch using gentle tapping on Meridian points in the body. These Meridian points connect to the subtle energy system called Chi or Prana. The touch on those points creates a even distribution and free flow of the subtle energy which promotes relaxation and peace.

The touch, with both Tapping (Faster EFT, EFT) and Havening, create electro chemicals in the body which promote homeostasis in body and mind. For instance the tapping and Havening touch is found to generate Serotonin, a neurotransmitter which helps balance mood. It also activates GABA, another neurotransmitter, which controls anxiety and fear and acts as a tranquilizer.

The touch also activates Oxytocin, also known as the love or cuddle hormone and has a powerful anti anxiety effect. All of this helps calm the nervous system.

So we’ve established that the the sensory input of touch, whether Havening technique or Tapping, can alter the body’s biology in a profoundly relaxing way. Which ensures that the one who receives the touch will feel much better than before the session.

But that’s not all it does. This body/mind state change also generates a collapse in original painful core beliefs and releases/integrates emotions from painful memories.

When those original painful memories or core beliefs are created the body and mind is in a heightened state of threat. You may have already heard of Fight, flight or freeze.

When we perceive a threat of some kind that feels life threatening like we cannot escape it the body resorts to the freeze state. And in that moment of heightened stress a belief and intense emotions are encapsulated. In fact that whole moment is encapsulated in time. And until we find a way to release it and integrate it it’s as if we are stuck in time. Have you ever felt like you’re a child or a teenager. You may say ‘i feel small’ or ‘I’m acting so childish’, ‘i feel like a kid’. That’s because until that moment or moments from time are processed then they live with us as if there really is a younger self living within us now.

In that moment when those beliefs and painful memories are created the biology of the body and mind is the exact opposite of how it is when receiving Tapping touch or Havening touch.

The lymbic part of the brain and the sympathetic nervous system is activated where the person is geared for danger. Adrenaline and cortisol pump around the body preparing to fight or escape. Heart beat accelerates, breathing becomes shallow, mouth is dry etc. The rational part of us shuts down as all the energy of the body is directed to escaping/resolving the stressful situation we are in.
In the session the original memory or belief is activated inducing the original feelings and heightened state. Then the Tapping or

Havening touch is applied which creates the opposite biological state. This mismatch can cause profound changes. The person activates the problem and then has a very different opposite reaction. They are then aware, not only on a conscious state but also unconsciously, that they are no longer under threat, that they are in fact safe, that nothing is happening and all is ok. The guard comes down, the defences release and original beliefs and emotions are released and integrated. Being safe and relaxed promotes the release of the original stuck states/beliefs.

Scientists have observed with animals for instance how after a life threatining experence the fist thing they will do is go somewhere where they are safe and then they are seen to shake and move as if they are carrying out and completing what they could not at the time of the threat. We as humans have learnt to inhibit this process. The Havening and Tapping touch helps us let go to to our bodies natural ability to heal.

Dr. Ronald Ruden, the creator of Havening demonstrated that the Havening Touch not only altered body chemicals but also altered the brain wave state from Beta, normal everyday brain wave to a Delta wave. This brain wave state produced an elimination of certain receptors on the amygdala (AMPA receptors). These receptors helped maintain the original problem/state/belief. It is the removal of these receptors that disconnect recalled memory from emotional content.