What is Trauma-Focused Therapy?

Trauma Focused-CBT is a therapy that approaches the impact of traumatic events. There are two main versions of trauma-focused CBT that have been proven in scientific studies to be effective for Pot-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

The therapy also helps with depression that goes along with PTSD.

Trauma-Focused Therapy is a specific approach to therapy that recognizes and emphasizes understanding how the traumatic experience impacts a person’s mental, behavioural, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

This type of therapy is rooted in understanding the connection between the trauma experience and the child’s emotional and behavioural responses. The purpose of trauma-focused therapy is to offer skills and strategies to assist you in better understanding, coping with,  processing emotions and memories tied to traumatic experiences, with the end goal of enabling you to create a healthier and more adaptive meaning of the experience that took place in life.